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The HY-TECH line of insulation paint products are based on our "space age" insulating microspheres. When this powder like blend of microscopic "balls" is mixed into paint, the dried paint film becomes a tightly packed heat reflecting surface.

Imagine a tiny round ball so small that it looks to the naked eye as if it is a single grain of flour. This ball has a wall thickness about 1/10 of the sphere diameter, a compressive strength of up to 60,000 psi, a softening point of about 2550 F. (1400 C.), fairly chemical resistant and it is non combustible. Now lets improve on it by removing all the gas inside and create a vacuum. Physics law states that nothing can move by conduction through a vacuum, since it represents an absence of matter. In effect we have a mini thermos bottle... a microscopic hollow vacuum sphere that resists thermal conductivity. ceramic bead

insulation paint film When mixed into paint the painted surface dries to a tightly packed layer of the hard, hollow "microspheres", ( Hy-Tech's exclusive CVM, ceramic vacuum matrix technology.) The tightly packed film reflects and dissipates heat by minimizing the path for the transfer of heat. The ceramics are able to reflect, refract and block heat radiation (loss or gain) and dissipate heat rapidly preventing heat transfer through the coating with as much as 90% of solar infrared rays and 85% of ultra violet-rays being radiated back into the atmosphere.

Additional Benefits of Hy-Tech Insulating Ceramics for paint:
Hard ceramics provide longer lasting durability which means you paint less often.
Exceptional stain and scrub resistance
Does not change the application, or adhesion of paint.
Ceramics are Non-Toxic & Fire Resistant
Helps deaden sound
Use on Interior or Exterior
Reduces heat and cooling loss!
A hard smooth surface that resists corrosion, abrasion, mold and mildew.

Hy-Tech insulating ceramics are available for use in two forms.
1.) As an Additive for paint, simply stir into your locally available paint, any type of paint, and convert that paint into a heat reflecting coating.
2.) A complete line of pre-mixed, ready to use, insulating coatings for use on roofs, ceilings, walls, etc.
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