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Insulating Ceramics for Paint
The Space Age Insulation Solution

HY-TECH insulating paint products will reduce your utility bills and improve the comfort within your home or commercial building. Now you can stay warmer in winter, cooler in summer and use less energy simply by applying this remarkable space age ceramic insulating house paint.

Insulating paints shield the painted surface from heat much like mini-thermos bottles reflecting the heat back to the source. This reflectivity keeps heat out in summer and reflects the heat back in during the winter drastically reducing the costs required for heating or cooling a home while improving upon the thermal and acoustical comfort level.

Hy-Tech Thermal Solutions, a NASA Technology Partner, utilized NASA insulating ceramic technology resources to produce a ceramic paint additive that can be mixed into paint and provide insulation properties to that paint. The additive can be used with any type or brand of paint, latex, oil base, epoxy, interior or exterior to provide year-round comfort in the home.

Hy-Tech Insulating Additive for Paint:
An easy to use Insulating Additive for adding to your own paint to make that paint an insulating coating. Simply stir into your paint this non-toxic fine powdered additive to add heat reflecting properties to the paint.

Hy-Tech Pre-Mixed Insulating Paint:
A complete line of ready to use premium quality insulating paints and industrial coatings for any surface including...
  1. Interior and Exterior Insulating House Paint for ceilings, walls and siding.
  2. Radiant barrier paint for attics
  3. Insulating Roof Paints
  4. Metal coatings for Autos, Marine,Industrial use that will Insulate, Rustproof and Reduce Sound Transfer
All pre-mixed at the factory, All filled with Insulating Ceramics, Nothing to add, simply open the can and brush away your high energy bills!

Whatever your choice, the Hy-Tech ceramic insulating additive for mixing into your own paint or one of our ready to apply factory mixed insulating paints, using these products will reduce your utility bills, create a more comfortable home, and will pay you back in energy savings year after year!!

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